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Hailey Holbert's Portfolio



I have always been deeply fascinated by the natural world and am a lifetime animal lover, this is what greatly inspire me to get into painting a few years ago, I focus on luminist realism, which has an emphasis on lighting and capturing the unique reflection of the real world. 

Taylor .jpg
Taylor .jpg


Colored pencils (Prismas) were my go-to medium when I started doing art professionally. Similar to my painting style, I always focused on hyper-realism, mostly with animals as my subject. With years of practice, I have been able to fine-tune the small details down to individual strands of hair or fur, facial expressions, and lighting. 

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Custom Work

When I began my career, 90% of my work was custom. Over the years I have fulfilled hundreds of requests for pet portraits, family portraits, and many others! I am proficient in working in a number of different mediums, though I am most experienced with oil/acrylic paints and colored/graphite pencils, I am happy to complete works in watercolor, charcoal, or pastel at your request. 

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